John Hamman

John Hamman is Associate Professor of Economics at Florida State University and recipient of grants from the Russell Sage Foundation and the National Science Foundation. He earned his B.S. in Economics from Arizona State University and M.S. and Ph.D. in Behavioral Decision Research from Carnegie Mellon University.

His research interests lie primarily in the fields of managerial, organizational, and behavioral economics.

Representative Publications

Ahlquist, John S., John R. Hamman, and Bradley M. Jones. “Dependency Status and Demand for Social Insurance: Evidence from Experiments and Curveys.” Political Science Research and Methods (2015): 1-23.

Drugov, Mikhail, John Hamman, and Danila Serra. “Intermediaries in Corruption: An Experiment.” Experimental Economics 17.1 (2014): 78-99.

Hamman, John R., George Loewenstein, and Roberto A. Weber. “Self-interest through delegation: An additional rationale for the principal-agent relationship.” The American Economic Review 100.4 (2010): 1826-1846.

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