Murat Yilmaz

Murat Yilmaz is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Bogazici University. He earned his B.A. in Mathematics from Middle East Technical University, M.A. in Economics from Sabanci University, and Ph.D. in Economics from Boston University.

He specializes in contract theory, auctions, industrial organization, and behavioral economics.

Representative Publications

Yılmaz, Murat. “Contracting with a Naïve Time-inconsistent Agent: To exploit or not to exploit?.” Mathematical Social Sciences 77 (2015): 46-51.

Yılmaz, Murat. “Auctioning a Discrete Public Good Under Incomplete Information.” Theory and Decision 78.3 (2015): 471-500.

Yılmaz, Murat. “Repeated Moral Hazard with a Time-Inconsistent Agent.” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 95 (2013): 70-89.

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