Meir Chazan

Meir Chazan is an Associate Professor of Jewish History at Tel Aviv University. He earned his Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University.

His main research interest is Zionism and Zionist leadership, with an emphasis on the ongoing “Arab-Jewish conflict”.

Representative Publications

Chazan, Meir. “The Struggle of Kibbutz Women to Participate in Guard Duties during the Arab Revolt, 1936–1939.” Journal of Israeli History 31.1 (2012): 83-108.

Chazan, Meir. “The 1943 ‘Reconstruction Plan’ for Mandatory Palestine: The Controversy within the Jewish Community.” The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 38.1 (2010): 99-116.

Chazan, Meir. “The Dispute in Mapai over ‘Self-Restraint’ and ‘Purity of Arms’ during the Arab Revolt.” Jewish Social Studies 15.3 (2009): 89-113.

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