Dennis Culhane

Dennis Culhane is a Professor of Social Policy, Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, Professor of Policy Research and Evaluation and the Dana and Andrew Stone Chair in Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also the Director of Research at the National Center for Homelessness Among Veterans and the recipient of numerous grants. Professor Culhane his B.A. in Psychology at St. Bonaventure University and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Boston College.

His primary area of research is homelessness and assisted housing policy. His research has contributed to efforts to address the housing and support needs of people experiencing housing emergencies and long-term homelessness.

Representative Publications

Culhane, Dennis P. “The Potential of Linked Administrative Data for Advancing Homelessness Research and Policy.” European Journal of Homelessness 10.3 (2016): 109-126.

Montgomery, Ann Elizabeth, et al. “Homelessness, Unsheltered Status, and Risk Factors for Mortality: Findings From the 100,000 Homes Campaign.” Public Health Reports 131.6 (2016): 765-772.

Culhane, Dennis P., and Stephen Metraux. “Rearranging the Deck Chairs or Reallocating the Lifeboats? Homelessness Assistance and Its Alternatives.” Journal of the American Planning Association 74.1 (2008): 111-121.

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