Daniel Bochsler

Daniel Bochsler is an Assistant Professor in Comparative Politics at the University of Zurich and Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen. He earned his B.A in Journalism from the University of Fribourg, M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Bern, and Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Geneva.

His research deals with the effect of political institutions and social diversity, particularly with ethnic diversity, mostly in democracies in Central and Eastern Europe, or worldwide.

Representative Publications

Bochsler, Daniel, and Basil Schläpfer. “An Indirect Approach to Map Ethnic Identities in Post-Conflict Societies.” Ethnopolitics 15.5 (2016): 467-486.

Bochsler, Daniel, Sean Mueller, and Julian Bernauer. “An Ever Closer Union? The Nationalisation of Political Parties in Switzerland, 1991–2015.” Swiss Political Science Review 22.1 (2016): 29-40.

Bochsler, Daniel, and Simon Hug. “How Minorities Fare Under Referendums: A Cross-National Study.” Electoral Studies 38 (2015): 206-216.

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