Irene Bloemraad

Irene Bloemraad is a Professor of Sociology and the Thomas Garden Barnes Chair of Canadian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. She is also a Senior Fellow with the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. Professor Bloemraad earned her B.A. in Political Science and M.A. in Sociology from McGill University and Ph.D. in Sociology from Harvard University.

She studies how immigrants become incorporated into political bodies and the consequences of their presence on politics and understandings of membership. Her research stands at the intersection of immigration studies and political sociology, with a strong interdisciplinary (and international) scope.

Representative Publications

Bloemraad, Irene, Heidy Sarabia, and Angela E. Fillingim. ““Staying out of Trouble” and Doing What Is “Right” Citizenship Acts, Citizenship Ideals, and the Effects of Legal Status on Second-Generation Youth.” American Behavioral Scientist 60.13 (2016): 1534-1552.

Bloemraad, Irene, Fabiana Silva, and Kim Voss. “Rights, Economics, or Family? Frame Resonance, Political Ideology, and the Immigrant Rights Movement.” Social Forces 94.4 (2016): 1647-1674.

Bloemraad, Irene, and Matthew Wright. ““Utter failure” or unity out of diversity? Debating and evaluating policies of multiculturalism.” International Migration Review 48.S1 (2014): S292-S334.

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