Wu Xinbo

Wu Xinbo is a Professor and Director at the Center for American Studies and Executive Dean of Institute of International Studies at Fudan University. Professor Xinbo has been a visiting fellow at some of the foremost international institutes, including the Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford University, the Henry Stimson Center, and the United States Institute of Peace. He earned his B.A. in History and Ph.D. in International Relations from Fudan University.

Professor Xinbo writes widely about China’s foreign policy, Sino-American relations and Asia-Pacific issues.

Representative Publications

Xinbo, Wu. “Cooperation, competition and shaping the outlook: The United States and China’s neighbourhood diplomacy.” International Affairs 92.4 (2016): 849-867.

Xinbo, Wu. “Agenda for a New Great Power Relationship.” The Washington Quarterly 37.1 (2014): 65-78.

Xinbo, Wu. “Understanding the Geopolitical Implications of the Global Financial Crisis.” The Washington Quarterly 33.4 (2010): 155-163.

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