Ken Zeichner

Ken Zeichner is the Boeing Professor of Teacher Education at the University of Washington. Professor Zeichner has received over $2.6 million in funding for research, including grants from the National Science Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation. He earned his B.B.A. in Pre-Law Studies from Temple University and M.A. in Urban Education and Ph.D. in Teacher Education from Syracuse University.

He focuses on policies related to teacher education, and specifically on the role of venture philanthropy and the misrepresentation of educational research in shaping policies and practices in teacher education in ways that undermine the democratic process of deliberation and decision making and the largely public system of teacher education.

Representative Publications

Zeichner, K., and H. G. Conklin. “Beyond Knowledge Ventriloquism and Echo Chambers: Raising the Quality of the Debate in Teacher Education.” Teachers College Record 119.4 (2017): 1-38.

Zeichner, Ken, et al. “Engaging and Working in Solidarity With Local Communities in Preparing the Teachers of Their Children.” Journal of Teacher Education 67.4 (2016): 277-290.

Zeichner, Kenneth, and Cesar Pena-Sandoval. “Venture Philanthropy and Teacher Education Policy in the US: The Role of the New Schools Venture Fund.” Teachers College Record 117.6 (2015): 1-44.

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