Henrik Selin

Henrik Selin is an Associate Professor of International Relations at Boston University. He earned his B.A. and M.A. in Political Science from Lund University and Ph.D. in Water and Environmental Studies from Linköping University.

Professor Selin researches global and regional politics and policy making on environment and sustainable development.

Representative Publications

Selin, Henrik, and Stacy D. VanDeveer. “Broader, Deeper and Greener: European Union Environmental Politics, Policies, and Outcomes.” Annual Review of Environment and Resources 40 (2015): 309-335.

Bulkeley, Harriet, et al. “Governing Sustainability: Rio+ 20 and the Road Beyond.” Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 31.6 (2013): 958-970.

Sippl, Kristin, and Henrik Selin. “Global Policy For Local Livelihoods: Phasing Out Mercury From Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining.” Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development 54.3 (2012): 18-29.

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