Joshua K. Dubrow

Joshua K. Dubrow is a Professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences. He earned his B.A. and M.A. in Sociology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Ph.D. in Sociology from the Ohio State University.

Professor Dubrow’s research centers on the various aspects of political inequality.

Representative Publications

Dubrow, Joshua Kjerulf. “Dynamics of Political Inequality of Voice: Romanian and Polish Women’s Parliamentary Representation since 1945.” Studia Sociologia 57.1 (2012): 3-25.

Dubrow, Joshua Kjerulf, and Jimi Adams. “Hoop Inequalities: Race, Class and Family Structure Background and the Odds of Playing in the National Basketball Association.” International Review for the Sociology of Sport 47.1 (2012): 43-59.

Dubrow, Joshua Kjerulf. “The Importance of Party Ideology: Explaining Parliamentarian Support for Political Party Gender Quotas in Eastern Europe.” Party Politics 17.5 (2011): 561-579.

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