Nives Dolšak

Nives Dolšak is a Professor of Marine and Environmental Affairs at the University of Washington and a Visiting Professor of Economics at the University of Ljubljana. She earned her B.A. in Economics from the University of Ljubljana and her Ph.D. in Public & Environmental Affairs and Political Science from the Indiana University, Bloomington.

Her research examines institutional challenges in governing common pool resources at multiple levels of aggregation.

Representative Publications

Chrun, Elizabeth, ,Nives Dolšak, and Aseem Prakash. “Corporate Environmentalism: Motivations and Mechanisms.” Annual Review of Environment and Resources 41 (2016): 341-362.

Dolšak, Nives, and Aseem Prakash. “Confronting the ‘China Excuse:’ The Political Logic of Climate Change Adaptation.” Solutions 6.4 (2015): 27-29.

Dolšak, Nives, and Maureen Dunn. “Investments in Global Warming Mitigation: The Case of  ‘Activities Implemented Jointly.'” Policy Sciences 39.3 (2006): 233-248.

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