Lene Aarøe

Lene Aarøe is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Aarhus University. She earned her Ph.D. in Political Science from Aarhus University.

She researches political psychology and political communication.

Representative Publications

Aarøe, Lene, Michael Bang Petersen, and Kevin Arceneaux. “The Behavioral Immune System Shapes Political Intuitions: Why and How Individual Differences in Disgust Sensitivity Underlie Opposition to Immigration.” American Political Science Review 111.2 (2017): 277-294.

Bryant, Gregory A., et al. “Detecting affiliation in colaughter across 24 societies.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113.17 (2016): 4682-4687.

Petersen, Michael Bang, and Lene Aarøe. “Birth Weight and Social Trust in Adulthood: Evidence for Early Calibration of Social Cognition.” Psychological Science 26.11 (2015): 1681-1692.

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