Sergio Fabbrini

Sergio Fabbrini is the Director of the Luiss School of Government and Professor of Political Science and International Relations at LUISS Guido Carli, where he holds a Jean Monnet Chair in European Institutions and Politics. Professor Fabbrini is Recurrent Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of California, Berkeley. From 1987-1988, Professor Fabbrini was a Fulbright Professor at Harvard University and has published hundreds of articles in numerous influential peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of European Public Policy and the American Political Science Review.

His research spans comparative and European government and politics, American government and politics, international relations and foreign policy, Italian government and politics, and political theory.

Representative Publications

Fabbrini, Sergio. “Intergovernmentalism in the European Union. A Comparative Federalism Perspective.” Journal of European Public Policy 24.4 (2017): 580-597.

Fabbrini, Sergio. “The Constitutional Conundrum of the European Union.” Journal of European Public Policy 23.1 (2016): 84-100.

Fabbrini, Sergio. “The Euro Crisis Through Two Paradigms: Interpreting the Transformation of the European Economic Governance.” European Politics and Society (2016): 1-15.

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