James Piazza

James Piazza is a Liberal Arts Research Professor of Political Science at the Pennsylvania State University. He earned his B.A. in Political Science from Loyola University Chicago, M.A. in Middle East Studies from the University of Michigan, and Ph.D. in Politics from New York University.

Professor Piazza’s research centers on the study of terrorism, political violence and armed intrastate conflict.

Representative Publications

Bell, Sam R., et al. “Opening Yourself Up: The Role of External and Internal Transparency in Terrorism Attacks.” Political Research Quarterly 67.3 (2014): 603-614.

Wilson, Matthew C., and James A. Piazza. “Autocracies and Terrorism: Conditioning Effects of Authoritarian Regime Type on Terrorist Attacks.” American Journal of Political Science 57.4 (2013): 941-955.

Choi, Seung-Whan, and James A. Piazza. “Foreign Military Interventions and Suicide Attacks.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 61.2 (2017): 271-297.

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