Frans Mäyrä

Frans Mäyrä is a Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media and Head of the Game Research Lab group at the University of Tampere. Professor Mäyrä has received over $7.2 million in competitive research grants in recent years, including numerous grants from the Finnish Government to evaluate public programs. He earned his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Tampere.

His research can roughly be divided into two main areas: first, the study of literature and textuality and second, media culture, digital media and games.

Representative Publications

Mäyrä, Frans. “Exploring Gaming Communities.” The Video Game Debate: Unravelling the Physical, Social, and Psychological Effects of Video Games (2015): 153-178.

Mäyrä, Frans. “Little Evils: Subversive Uses of Children’s Games.” The Dark Side of Game Play: Controversial Issues in Playful Environments (2015): 82-99.

Mäyrä, Frans. “Playful mobile communication: Services supporting the culture of play.” Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture 3.1 (2012): 55-70.

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