Yael Hochberg

Yael Hochberg is the Ralph S. O’Connor Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Rice University as well as a Research Affiliate of MIT Sloan School of Management and a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. In 2016, Professor Hochberg was awarded the Ewing Marion Kauffman Prize Medal for Distinguished Research in Entrepreneurship. She earned her B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and her A.M. in Economics and Ph.D. in Finance from Stanford University.

Professor Hochberg’s research and teaching interests are focused on entrepreneurship, innovation, and the financing of entrepreneurial activity. Her research focuses on the venture capital industry, accelerators, networks and corporate governance and compensation policies.

Representative Publications

Hochberg, Yael V., Carlos J. Serrano, and Rosemarie H. Ziedonis. Patent Collateral, Investor Commitment, and the Market for Venture Lending. No. w20587. National Bureau of Economic Research, 2014.

Hochberg, Yael V., Carlos Serrano, and Rosemarie Ziedonis. “Intangible but Bankable.” Science 348.6240 (2015): 1202-1202.

Hochberg, Yael V. “Accelerating Entrepreneurs and Ecosystems: The Seed Accelerator Model.” Innovation Policy and the Economy 16.1 (2016): 25-51.

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