Kosuke Imai

Kosuke Imai is a Professor of Politics and Director of the Program in Statistics and Machine Learning at Princeton University. Professor Imai is also a Visiting Professor of Law and Politics at the University of Tokyo. Among the honors he has received for his work is the Miyake Award, given by the Japanese Political Science Association to the author of the best paper published during the year. He earned his B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of Tokyo, A.M. in Statistics and Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard University.

Professor Imai’s research area is political methodology and more generally applied statistics in the social sciences. He has extensively worked on the development and applications of statistical methods for causal inference with experimental and observational data.

Representative Publications

Hirose, Kentaro, Kosuke Imai, and Jason Lyall. “Can Civilian Attitudes Predict Insurgent Violence?: Ideology and Insurgent Tactical Choice in Civil War.” Journal of Peace Research 54.1 (2017): 47-63.

Imai, Kosuke, and Marc Ratkovic. “Robust Estimation of Inverse Probability Weights for Marginal Structural Models.” Journal of the American Statistical Association 110.511 (2015): 1013-1023.

Lyall, Jason, Graeme Blair, and Kosuke Imai. “Explaining Support for Combatants During Wartime: A Survey Experiment in Afghanistan.” American Political Science Review 107.04 (2013): 679-705.

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