Kenneth McElwain

Kenneth McElwain is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Social Science at the University of Tokyo. He earned his A.B. from the Woodrow Wilson Center for Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and Ph.D. in Political Science from Stanford University.

Professor McElwain’s primary research focus is the influence of partisan politics on institutional design and change.

Representative Publications

McElwain, Kenneth Mori, and Christian G. Winkler. “What’s Unique about the Japanese Constitution?: A Comparative and Historical Analysis.” The Journal of Japanese Studies 41.2 (2015): 249-280.

McElwain, Kenneth Mori. “Manipulating Electoral Rules to Manufacture Single‐Party Dominance.” American Journal of Political Science 52.1 (2008): 32-47.

McElwain, Kenneth Mori. “The Nationalization of Japanese Elections.” Journal of East Asian Studies 12.3 (2012): 323-350.

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