Krzystof Pelc

Krzystof Pelc is an Associate Professor of Political Science and William Dawson Scholar at McGill University. He earned his B.Com. in International Trade and Finance and B.A. in French Literature from Queen’s University and M.A. and Ph.D. in International Relations from Georgetown University.

Professor Pelc’s research examines the international political economy, with a focus on international rules.

Representative Publications

Pelc, Krzysztof J. “What Explains the Low Success Rate of Investor-State Disputes?.” International Organization (2017): 1-25.

Johns, Leslie, and Krzysztof Pelc. “Fear of Crowds in WTO Disputes: Why Don’t More Countries Participate?.” Journal of Politics 78.1 (2016): 88-104.

Kucik, Jeffrey, and Krzysztof J. Pelc. “Measuring the Cost of Privacy: A Look at the Distributional Effects of Private Bargaining.” British Journal of Political Science 46.4 (2016): 861-889.

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