Thomas Zeitzoff is an Assistant Professor of Public Affairs at American University. He earned his B.A. in Economics and Latin American Studies and M.A. in Political Economy from Washington University in St. Louis and M.A. and Ph.D. in Politics from New York University.

Professor Zeitzoff is interested in why individuals fight and how leaders can mobilize supporters for conflict or peace.

Representative Publications

Zeitzoff, Thomas. “Anger, legacies of violence, and group conflict: An experiment in post-riot Acre, Israel.” Conflict Management and Peace Science (2016).

Zeitzoff, Thomas, John Kelly, and Gilad Lotan. “Using social media to measure foreign policy dynamics: An empirical analysis of the Iranian–Israeli confrontation (2012–13).” Journal of Peace Research 52.3 (2015): 368-383.

Bausch, Andrew W., and Thomas Zeitzoff. “Citizen information, electoral incentives, and provision of counter-terrorism: An experimental approach.” Political Behavior 37.3 (2015): 723.

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