Week of July 17

Domestic (DX)

  1. Will the United States continue to reduce emissions despite exiting the Paris Agreement?
  2. Is slower economic growth the new norm?
  3. Will President Donald Trump be impeached?
  4. Should the United States pressure China further to reign in North Korea’s nuclear program?
  5. Does Rex Tillerson have a say in US foreign policy?
  6. Should the President’s family members be prohibited from holding high-level positions within the administration?
  7. Will a rollback of net neutrality laws harm the United States’ digital competitiveness?
  8. Are FDA regulations stifling medical innovation?
  9. Can Paul Ryan lead the Republican party?
  10. How should the Trump administration address the growing number of states who are legalizing recreational marijuana?

International (IX)

  1. Should Australia attempt to create closer ties with China?
  2. Is Nigeria poised to lead Africa?
  3. What is the state of Japanese influence in Asia?
  4. Have Brazil’s economic reforms actually increased the quality of life increased in Brazil?
  5. Is Emmanuel Macron the new leader of the European Union?
  6. Should the European Commission speak out against Poland’s proposed judicial reforms?
  7. What do the rising tensions between China and India over the Sikkim region mean for future relations between the two countries?
  8. Is the FARC peace deal responsible for the recent increase in coca cultivation in Colombia?
  9. Does Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to grant the military the ability to respond to domestic terror attacks enhance national security?
  10. What impact, if any, will Kenya’s presidential election on August 8th have on the country’s economy?

– Katie Smith and Andrew Devlin

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