Niek Veldhuis

Niek Veldhuis is a Professor of Assyriology at the University of California, Berkeley and 2005 recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Professor Veldhuis’ research work concentrates on ancient Mesopotamian school texts (lexical texts) that taught scribal students how to read and write cuneiform.

Representative Publications

Veldhuis, Niek. “Domesticizing Babylonian Scribal Culture in Assyria: Transformation by Preservation.” Theory and Practice of Knowledge Transfer: Studies in School Education in the Ancient Near East and Beyond, Papers Read at a Symposium in Leiden. Vol. 1719. 2008.

Veldhuis, Niek. “The Theory of Knowledge and the Practice of Celestial Divination.” Annus 2010 (2010): 77-91.

Veldhuis, Niek. “Orthography and Politics: adda,“carcass” and kur9,“to enter.”.” On the Third Dynasty of Ur: Studies in Honor of Marcel Sigrist (JCS Supplementary Series), Boston (2008): 223-230.

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