Amy Catalinac

Amy Catalinac is an Assistant Professor of Politics at New York University. She earned her B.A. in Political Science and Japanese from the University of Otago, B.A. in Political Science from Victoria University of Wellington, and Ph.D. in Government from Harvard University.

Professor Catalinac’s research uses the case of Japan as a lens through which to address core questions in international relations and comparative politics.

Representative Publications

Catalinac, Amy. “From Pork to Policy: The Rise of Programmatic Campaigning in Japanese Elections.” The Journal of Politics 78.1 (2016): 1-18.

Catalinac, Amy. “Quantitative Text Analysis with Asian Languages: Some Problems and Solutions.” Polimetrics 1.1 (2014): 14-17.

Catalinac, Amy L. “Why New Zealand took itself out of ANZUS: Observing “Opposition for Autonomy” in Asymmetric Alliances.” Foreign Policy Analysis 6.4 (2010): 317-338.

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