Costs of War Project

The Costs of War Project at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University is dedicated to the study of the economic, political, and human toll war can take. The project is directed by Neta C. Crawford, Professor of Political Science at Boston University; Catherine Lutz, Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Family Professor of Anthropology and International Studies at Brown University; and Stephanie Savell, Ph.D. from Brown University. Consisting of 35 legal experts, professors, and researchers, the project provides a wide range of perspectives that illuminate the true cost of conflict to the host countries, their economy, and their citizens.

The project is aimed at providing the public with the information needed to debate the costs and benefits of U.S. military involvement in a post-9/11 world.

Representative Publications

Zogas, Anna. US Military Veterans’ Difficult Transitions Back to Civilian Life and the VA’s Response. Publication. Providence: Costs of War Project, 2017.

Dewachi, Omar. War and the Costs of Medical Travel for Iraqis in Lebanon. Publication. Providence: Costs of War Project, 2013.

Tahir, Madiha. Bombing Pakistan: How Colonial Legacy Sustains American Drones. Publication. Providence: Costs of War Project, 2015.

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