Week of July 23

Domestic (DX)

  1. How can the United States federal government promote innovation?
  2. Is the United States economy stable?
  3. How can the US improve relations between the police and communities?
  4. Is Mitch McConnell an effective leader?
  5. Is United States’ global economic influence waning?
  6. Can technology startups revive struggling former industrial hubs?
  7. Will Anthony Scaramucci’s appointment bring more transparency to the White House?
  8. Can the Democratic Party’s new messaging campaign improve their chances in the 2018 midterms?
  9. Can U.S.-Russia cooperation bring peace to the Middle East?
  10. How would a repeal of Obamacare impact the state of mental health care in America?

International (IX)

  1. Will India overtake China as Asia’s most important economy?
  2. What were the implications of the 2016 coup in Turkey?
  3. What is the future of the freedom of movement in the European Union?
  4. Should Joseph Kabila step down as President of Congo?
  5. Is democracy a viable method of government for developing countries?
  6. What impact will the Pentagon’s decision to withhold $50 million in military aid from Pakistan have on that government’s stance on the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network?
  7. What does the uprising in Ethiopia’s Oromia region say about the state of democracy in that country?
  8. Can the proposed Turkish Stream pipeline help mend relations between Ankara and Moscow?
  9. Is Israel’s decision to limit Palestinian’s access to the Al-Aqsa mosque counterproductive?
  10. Will India’s new president Ram Nath Kovind play a role in shaping Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda?

– Katie Smith and Andrew Devlin

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