Norman Abrams

Professor Norman Abrams is the Acting Chancellor Emeritus of the UCLA law school and Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus as well as a researcher and lecturer.

Before coming to UCLA, Abrams was an associate in law at Columbia University Law School and a research associate and director of the Harvard-Brandeis Cooperative Research for Israel’s Legal Development at the Harvard Law School. Additionally, he as been a consultant to various state and federal commissions and professional committees, and he was appointed as a special assistant to the Attorney General of the United States, serving the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. He has taught as a visiting professor at Stanford University Law School, UC Berkeley Law School, the Hebrew University Faculty of Law, Bar-Ilan School of Law, University of Southern California Law School and Loyola University (Los Angeles) School of Law.

Abrams also holds A.B. (1952) and J.D. (1955) degrees from the University of Chicago.

His main interests are criminal law, public affairs, and has written on conspiracy law, federal jurisdiction, and anti-terrorism among other topics.

Representative Publications: 

Administrative Process: Alternatives to the Criminal Process. Law and Public Affairs Publication, National Center for Administrative Justice (1979). Funded by Florence V. Burden Foundation.

Anti-Terrorism and Criminal Enforcement. 4th ed. West (2012). Supplement, 2014.

Cases and Materials on the Criminal Law of Israel (Mekraot B’Dinai Onshin) (with Arnold N. Enker). Bar Ilan Univ. Press (1971).


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