Week of July 31

Domestic (DX)

  1. Are future Republican reform attempts in Congress doomed?
  2. What was the motivation behind President Trump’s ban on transgender troops?
  3. What is the legacy of Hillary Clinton’s election campaign?
  4. Does the US federal debt pose a serious issue?
  5. Has U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement become too powerful?
  6. Will the Bureau of Land Management weaken disclosure requirements on fracking activity taking place on federal and tribal lands?
  7. Can the new GI Bill help close the workforce skills gap?
  8. How can the U.S. stimulate R&D in the defense sector?
  9. Will Jeff Sessions be the next victim of President Trump’s White House reorganization?
  10. What is the state of U.S. diplomacy under the Trump administration?

International (IX)

  1. How should Colombia respond to the situation in Venezuela?
  2. Why is Djibouti a popular location for military bases?
  3. How can China successfully carry out the reformation of its state owned enterprises?
  4. Will Germany’s trade balance cause international tensions?
  5. Should India and Saudi Arabia engage in closer relations?
  6. Will Zambians stand up to increasingly authoritarian President Lungu?
  7. Should Britain stay in the customs union post-Brexit?
  8. Has Ecuador’s Green Constitution fulfilled its purpose?
  9. Can the Japanese government decrease suicide rates?
  10. Why is Italy’s youth unemployment rate so high?

– Katie Smith and Andrew Devlin

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