Mark Colyvan

Mark Colyvan is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sydney and a Visiting Professor at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy at Ludwig-Maximilians University. He is a past president of the Australasian Association of Philosophy. Professor Colyvan earned his B.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of New England and Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Australian National University.

He researches the philosophy of logic, philosophy of mathematics, decision theory, environmental philosophy, and ecology and conservation biology.

Representative Publications

Colyvan, Mark, and Alan Hájek. “Making Ado Without Expectations.” Mind 125.499 (2016): 829-857.

Muldoon, Ryan, et al. “Disagreement Behind the Veil of Ignorance.” Philosophical Studies 170.3 (2014): 377-394.

Colyvan, Mark, and Lev R. Ginzburg. “Analogical Thinking in Ecology: Looking Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries.” The Quarterly Review of Biology 85.2 (2010): 171-182.

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