Weekly News Roundup 8/25/17

This is the Second Edition of  10 Weekly Reading Recommendations published every Friday,

These articles are a new series to present high quality news reporting and analysis outside the American mainstream to introduce new perspectives to current events.

International News: 

1. South China Morning Post, August 21, 2017, Heed the Warnings on China’s Economy

2. Financial Tribune August 22, 2017,  Foreign Policy Should Not Raise Cost of Development

3. Project Syndicate, August 22, 2017, The Achilles Heel of Putin’s Regime 

4. Foreign Policy, August 24, 2017, Taiwan’s Economic Charm Offensive Hits Chinese Walls

5. The Guardian, August 24, 2017, Britain sends £9m to Libya to fight terror threat and migrant crisis

United States News: 

1. The Conversation, N.D, The slippery slope of the oligarchy media model

2. BBC News, August 22, 2017, Trump vows “fight to win” in Afghanistan

3. Bloomberg News, August 23, 2017, Trump’s Olive Branch to North Korea Opens Murky Path to Talks

4. The Guardian, August 24, 2017, Financial deregulation: will the US really go back to a pre-crisis free-for-all?

5. BBC News, August 25, 2017, Janet Yellen defends US Regulations 

All articles mentioned are property of their publishers. No claim of ownership is made. 

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