Amar Bhidé

Amar Bhidé is the Thomas Schmidheiny Professor of International Business at Tufts University. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and previously served as the Laurence D. Glaubinger Professor of Business at Columbia University. During his time at Columbia University, Professor Bhidé was a founding member of the Center on Capitalism and Society. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Professor Bhidé earned his B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology and M.B.A. and D.B.A. from Harvard University.

His research interests include medical innovation and the nature of practical knowledge as well as innovation and entrepreneurship.

Representative Publications

Bhidé, Amar. “Constraining Knowledge: Traditions and Rules that Limit Medical Innovation.” Critical Review 29.1 (2017): 1-33.

Bhidé, Amar. “The Indeterminate Goodness of the Economy (and Life).” (2011).

Bhidé, Amar. “Venturesome Consumption, Innovation and Globalization.” (2006).

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