Jordi Caballé

Jordi Caballé is a Professor of Economics and Economic History at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and an Affiliate Professor at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. He is also a Member of the Center for the Study of Organizations and Decisions in Economics (CORE) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and served as the Editor of the Spanish Economic Review from 2001-2003. He was formerly the President of the Spanish Economic Association. Professor Caballé earned his B.A. in Economics and Business from the University of Barcelona and M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

His research interests include macroeconomic policy, financial economics, and decision under uncertainty.

Representative Publications

Caballé, Jordi. “Intergenerational Mobility: Measurement and the Role of Borrowing Constraints and Inherited Tastes.” SERIEs 7.4 (2016): 393-420.

Alonso-Carrera, Jaime, Jordi Caballé, and Xavier Raurich. “Consumption Composition and Macroeconomic Dynamics.” The BE Journal of Macroeconomics 15.1 (2015): 1-42.

Caballé, Jordi, and Ana I. Moro‐Egido. “Effects of Aspirations and Habits on the Distribution of Wealth.” The Scandinavian Journal of Economics116.4 (2014): 1012-1043.

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