Week of August 28

Domestic (DX):
1. How badly has the United States been affected by hurricane Harvey?
2. Do anti-fascist groups hurt the freedom of speech?
3. Have members of the Trump administration abused their positions through costly government funded expenditures?
4. Has Janet Yellen been a good chair of the Federal Reserve?
5. How would significant economic and financial deregulation change the US?
6. Can the US stop North Korea from further missile tests?
7. Has climate change damaged any coastal states?
8. Should Gary Cohn leave the Trump administration?
9. What does the future of Uber look like?
10. How can the United States maintain its lead in artificial intelligence?
International (IX):
1. Is the Pearl River Delta losing its economic importance?
2. Is there a growing rift between the leaders of France and Germany?
3. Is the Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro committing significant human rights abuses?
4. Has Benjamin Netanyahu’s hardliner approach to terrorism been successful in protecting Israel?
5. How can India promote its growth as a global leader in technology and manufacturing?
6. Is Cuba treating diplomats to the island improperly?
7. How can Nigeria promote its influence over African affairs?
8. How will the rise of data technology influence the global economy?
9. How is Russia asserting itself in foreign affairs?
10. Are Southeast Asian countries giving in to Chinese foreign aggression?

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