Week of September 4


Domestic (DX):

1. Should the United States consider a pre-emptive strike against North Korea?
2. What fueled higher than expected GDP growth in the second quarter?

3. How should the Trump administration deal with young migrants?

4. How have lawmakers attempted to deal with Planned Parenthood recently?
5. Is President Trump’s goal of four percent GDP growth an attainable target?
6. How will Hurricane Harvey influence US gas prices?
7. Is Iran still a threat to US interests?
8. Will an infrastructure bill be passed in Congress any time soon?
9. Should the United States consider a peace deal with North Korea?
10. Does the US media provide unfair coverage of different protester groups?
International (IX):
1. Why is North Korea timing its missile and bomb tests to coincide with major events?
2. How has Hurricane Harvey affected Mexico?
3. How can Brazil boost its economic growth?
4. What new sanctions, if any, should the UN impose on North Korea?
5. What is the status of the relationship between Cambodia and Laos?
6. Has Africa emerged from the global recession?
7. Is the European Union vulnerable to invasion?
8. How will population trends in Europe change the continent?
9. Is Germany a global leader in fighting air pollution?
10. How will Malaysia seek to benefit from further cooperation with China?

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