Godfrey Yeung

Godfrey Yeung is an Associate Professor of Economic Geography at the National University of Singapore. He earned his B.A. in Geography from Hong Kong Baptist College, M.Phil. in Development Studies from the University of Sussex, and Ph.D. in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge.

Professor Yeung’s research interests include economic geography of foreign direct investment, international trade and regional development, and financial geographies.

Representative Publications

Yeung, Godfrey, Canfei He, and Peng Zhang. “Rural Banking in China: A Case of Centralization?.” Area Development and Policy 2.2 (2017): 173-191.

Yeung, Godfrey. “The Operation of Global Production Networks (GPNs) 2.0 and Methodological Constraints.” Geoforum 75 (2016): 265-269.

Dunford, Michael, et al. “Geography, Trade and Regional Development: The Role of Wage Costs, Exchange Rates and Currency/Capital Movements.” Journal of Economic Geography 14.6 (2013): 1175-1197.

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