Week of September 11, 2017

Domestic (DX):

1. What is the legacy of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks?
2. How has recent hurricane weather affected the Southern United States?
3. Was Congresses’ approach to hurricane relief appropriate?
4. Can bi-partisanship increase on Capitol Hill?
5. Should the United States go to economic war on China?
6. What was behind lower than usual consumer saving in the second quarter?
7. What effects will the Federal Reserve unwinding its balance sheet have?
8. Should the United States abandon Saudi Arabia as a trade and military partner?
9. Has climate change hurt the United States?
10. Has President Trump noticeably hurt US alliances?
-Bonus Question: How can the United States reform its immigration system?
International (IX):
1. What was the level of damage caused by Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean?
2. How has the war on terror shaped the middle east?
3. Can Japan regain its position as the second largest economy on the globe?
4. Has China lost its image as a maker of cheap and imitation goods?
5. Is Iran a tolerant country?
6. How will closer EU integration affect the union’s member countries?
7. Should the headquarters of the International Monetary fund be moved to Beijing?
8. How can countries combat religious radicalization?
9. What’s next for Kenya after a canceled Presidential election?
10. Are natural disasters in Mexico being overlooked by the international community?’
-Bonus Question: What is China’s motivation for plans to end the sale of all gasoline cars?

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