Week of September 18, 2017

Domestic (DX):

1. Has President Trump increased bi-partisanship in Washington?
2. Will Janet Yellen be reconfirmed as the chair of the Federal Reserve?
3. What has been President Trump’s response to recent hurricanes?
4. Should the United States decrease financial regulation?
5. Should United States universities accept less foreign students?
6. Can the United States protect itself against a potential missile attack?
7. What are the causes of the rise of the ‘alt right’?
8. Has President Trump delivered on his major campaign promises?
9. Can the US reach an agreement with China and Russia regarding North Korean missiles?
10. Why is the United States pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord?
International (IX):
1.  Is Africa poised to emerge as a global leader in manufacturing?
2. Is Saudi Arabia a human rights abuser?
3. Will the Kim regime of North Korea ever stop testing nuclear weapons?
4. What are the current allegations against Michel Temer?
5. How much power does Xi Jinping have?
6. Does India’s democracy truly empower it’s people?
7. Is the digital capability divide separating developed and developing nations a significant global issue?
8. Why is Europe’s economy growing faster than the United States’?
9. How should European nations combat terror attacks?
10. What is the global state of freedom from tyranny? 

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