Week of September 25, 2017

Domestic (DX)

1. Was President Trump wrong to criticize athletes for kneeling during the national anthem?
2. How should the United Staes federal government respond to hurricane Maria?
3. What were the key aspects of President Trump’s speech and the United Nations General Assembly?
4. Will Apple continue to lead the consumer electronics market?
5. Can the United States win a trade war with China?
6. Is the United State’s military budget allocated efficiently?
7. Why did the Federal Reserve choose not to raise interest rates?
8. Can Congress pass legislation to significantly reform the tax code?
9. What are cryptocurrencies?
10. As US Attorney General, what impact has Jeff Sessions had?
International (IX)
1. Has China’s economy entered a new boom cycle?
2. What outcomes will come from the results of the German parliamentary elections?
3. What were the motivations for Nigeria’s ban on Biafra separatists?
4. Should Japan and South Korea attempt to shoot down future North Korean test missiles?
5. Has the Arab Spring movement come to an end?
6. Should Mexico increase shift a majority of its trade to Latin American countries?
7. Has the relationship between Brazil and China truly been mutually beneficial?
8. Should Australia move away from it’s alliance with the United States
9. How should Japan deal with it’s debt?
10. Does the Islamic State have a significant foothold in North Africa?

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