Week of October 2, 2017

Domestic (DX):

1. Should Congress move to begin the repeal the Second Amendment to the Constitution?
2. Can a bi-partisan tax code reform be passed by Congress?
3. Is President Trump his own worst enemy?
4. What is the role of social media companies in political discourse?
5. Has the US properly responded to the damage of Hurricane Maria?
6. Who should President Trump appoint to chair the Federal Reserve?
7. Should college tuition be made free?
8. Was President Trump’s response to the Las Vegas shooting appropriate for the situation?
9. Should the US require background checks on all gun purchases?
10. Which countries are the United States’ most important allies?
1. What should Catalonia do following its independence referendum?
2. Can ISIS be wiped out be recent international efforts?
3. What are the main effects of results from the recent German elections?
4. Has Venezuela become a dictatorship?
5. Will Brazil become a regional hegemonic power?
6. Why are China and Russia propping up the North Korean government?
7. Should Taiwan significantly increase its military spending?
8. What is the state of and future of liberal democracy in Hong Kong?
9. Can Pakistan do more to prevent terrorism?
10. Can Nigeria avoid large scale ethnic conflict?

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