Zohal Hessami

Zohal Hessami is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Konstanz. She earned her Pre-diploma (Propedeuse) and M.Sc. in Economics from Maastricht University and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Konstanz.

Professor Hessami researches political economy, public economics, and applied econometrics.

Representative Publications

Hessami, Zohal, and Silke Uebelmesser. “A Political-Economy Perspective on Social Expenditures: Corruption and In-Kind versus Cash Transfers.” Economics of Governance 17.1 (2016): 71-100.

Baskaran, Thushyanthan, and Zohal Hessami. “Does the Election of a Female Leader Clear the Way for More Women in Politics?.” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (2017).

Hessami, Zohal. “Globalization’s Winners and Losers—Evidence from Life Satisfaction Data, 1975–2001.” Economics Letters 112.3 (2011): 250-253.

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