Week of December 4

Domestic (DX):

  1. How can the healthcare system work better for transgendered individuals?
  2. Should Roy Moore drop out of the Alabama senate race?
  3. Are smart phones destroying an entire generation of children?
  4. What impact has the Trump Presidency had on the U.S. military?
  5. What’s next for Robert Mueller’s investigation?
  6. Is the U.S. doing enough to combat global climate change?
  7. How bi-partisan is President Trump?
  8. Is the coal industry dying out?
  9. Is gun control possible with the current Congress?
  10. Does the U.S. have a sexual harassment problem?

International (IX):


  1. What effect will the Brexit have on the European economy?
  2. What will be Robert Mugabe’s legacy?
  3. What impact will Meral Aksener have in Turkish politics?
  4. Are tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran escalating?
  5. Who will be Chile’s next President?
  6. How will Emmanuel Macron impact France’s relationship with Africa?
  7. Is peace with North Korea possible?
  8. How will India’s embrace of net neutrality impact its information sector?
  9. Is Japan’s economy improving?
  10. What’s next for the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

(Topics written by Franz Hill)

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