Week of December 11

Domestic (DX): 

  1. Will there be tax reform before the holiday break?
  2. How will the acknowledgement of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital affect U.S./Mid East relations?
  3. Will President Trump be impeached?
  4. How do Americans’ views on gender impact LGBTQ rights?
  5. How will the Supreme Court rule in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission?
  6. Should Al Franken have resigned?
  7. What does the latest jobs report say about the U.S. economy?
  8. Will Democrats get their way on DACA during the budget talks?
  9. Did the Supreme Court rule correctly on the travel ban?
  10. Is the Bitcoin bubble about to burst?

International (IX): 

  1. Is Yemen the world’s forgotten war?
  2. Was the IOC right in banning Russia from the 2018 Olympics?
  3. Will Venezuela’s crypto-currency gamble pay off?
  4. Will Jose Antonio Meade be Mexico’s next President?
  5. What will be the end result of Honduras’ Presidential elections?
  6. Who can mediate the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?
  7. Can Teresa May solve the Brexit problem with Northern Ireland?
  8. Is India doing enough to protect women from sexual violence?
  9. Has ISIS been defeated?
  10. Are developed nations doing enough to help developing nations?

(Topics written by Franz Hill)

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