Week of January 15

Domestic (DX):

  1. What does Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama mean for the midterm elections?
  2. Will tougher immigration laws make the U.S. safer from terrorism?
  3. Is the Affordable Care Act “safe” from repeal?
  4. Can the U.S. win its war on opioids?
  5. How will the end of Net Neutrality impact the U.S. economy?
  6. Is the legalization of marijuana on a collision course with the Justice Department?
  7. Is “fake news” destroying the credibility of the American media?
  8. Why is the U.S. life expectancy on a downward trend?
  9. What would be the environmental impact of a U.S./Mexico border wall?
  10. Is Puerto Rico bouncing back after hurricane Maria?

International (IX):

  1. How will the rise of AI impact the world economy?
  2. Will Hassan Rouhani stay in office?
  3. Is China doing enough to combat climate change?
  4. With ISIS defeated, what’s next for Iraq?
  5. Can South and North Korea broker their own peace?
  6. Will Spain grant Catalonia its independence?
  7. Is the UK’s health system collapsing?
  8. How should Europe respond to Russia’s election meddling?
  9. Is India on track to be the next economic powerhouse?
  10. Who is attacking Russia’s bases in Syria?

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