Daniel Bergstresser

Daniel Bergstresser is an Associate Professor of Finance at Brandeis International Business School. He earned his A.B. in Economics from Stanford University and Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Professor Bergstresser research is focused in the area of municipal finance and on the impact of taxation, regulation, and market structure on financial markets.

Representative Publications

Bergstresser, Daniel, and Richard Peiser. “Recovery Ratios in the Savings and Loan Crisis: Evidence From the Resolution Trust Corporation’s Sale of Bank-Owned Real Estate.” Cityscape 16.1 (2014): 319.

Bergstresser, Daniel, Randolph Cohen, and Siddharth Shenai. “Demographic Fractionalization and the Municipal Bond Market.” Municipal Finance Journal 34.3 (2013).

Bergstresser, Daniel, John MR Chalmers, and Peter Tufano. “Assessing the costs and benefits of brokers in the mutual fund industry.” The Review of Financial Studies 22.10 (2009): 4129-4156.

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