Week of January 22

Domestic (DX):

  1. Is the stock market heading towards a crash?
  2. Has the NFL done enough to increase player safety?
  3. How can the U.S. government get a long-term budget solution?
  4. What has President Trump accomplished in his first year in office?
  5. Are there monopolies brewing in the tech sector?
  6. Is a “Blue Wave” sweeping the country?
  7. Is the prison system doing enough to rehabilitate convicts?
  8. What is Chris Christie’s legacy?
  9. Why is global confidence in President Trump so low?
  10. Does homeschooling in the U.S. need more oversight?

International (IX):

  1. Why is China’s economy resurging?
  2. Which nations are successfully tackling economic inequality?
  3. How has the U.K. economy fared since the Brexit vote?
  4. What can the U.N. do to address its sexual assault problem?
  5. Does Syria still need the U.S.’ military involvement?
  6. Will Andrej Babis remain the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic?
  7. How has the legalization of marijuana in the U.S. impacted Mexican drug cartels?
  8. Will the Rohingya deal hold up in Bangladesh and Myanmar?
  9. Is Tunisia being treated unfairly by the IMF?
  10. Why is Populism strong in Europe?

(topics written by Franz Hill)

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