Week of February 12

Domestic (DX):

  1. Should the U.S. keep imposing sanctions on North Korea?
  2. How is the middle class faring in President Trump’s economy?
  3. Should the Department of Defense stage a military parade?
  4. Is Space X the undisputed leader in private space exploration?
  5. Is the United States suffering an influenza crisis?
  6. Has the U.S. forgotten about Puerto Rico?
  7. Is the stock market self-correcting?
  8. Why is the U.S. Justice Department taking a hard-line stance on marijuana?
  9. Will the digital revolution in healthcare help consumers?
  10. Have race relations improved between minority communities and law enforcement?

International (IX):

  1. Are Theresa May’s days numbered?
  2. Will Latin America benefit from China’s investment?
  3. Does Afghanistan still need a U.S. military presence?
  4. Will Duterte be able to change the Filipino constitution?
  5. Is Mali’s government losing its war on terrorism?
  6. What is the economic forecast for the Eurozone?
  7. Is the U.S. necessary in the Korean peace process?
  8. Will France’s boost to their military budget make them safer?
  9. Is India doing enough to combat climate change?
  10. Why has Turkey been so successful in Somalia?

–– topics written by Franz Hill

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