Week of February 19

Domestic (DX):

  1. Who is the future of the Democratic Party?
  2. Should President Trump release the “Schiff Memo?”
  3. Why has the Trump Administration experienced so much turnover?
  4. When will Republicans take up DACA?
  5. What can be done to fix overcrowding in public schools?
  6. What is the biggest impediment to gun control?
  7. Are more indictments coming in Robert Mueller’s investigation?
  8. Can Mitt Romney win in Utah?
  9. Should the U.S. reduce its military presence in Japan?
  10. Will Pennsylvanian lawmakers come to an agreement about a congressional map?

International (IX):

  1. Are tensions between Israel and Iran reaching a boiling point?
  2. Should Moon Jae-in meet with Kim Jong-un?
  3. What challenges does Cyril Ramaphosa face as South Africa’s new President?
  4. Is Germany’s new government a fresh start or more of the same?
  5. Is democracy dead in Venezuela?
  6. Why did Ethiopian President, Hailemariam Desalegn, resign?
  7. Is Colombia winning its war on drugs?
  8. Has the United Nations failed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?
  9. Should China rethink its “Two-Child” policy?
  10. Is the European Union doing enough to combat climate change?

–– Topics written by Franz Hill


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