Week of February 26

Domestic (DX):

  1. Are the 2018 mid-terms in danger of being influenced by foreign entities?
  2. Will student walk-outs have an impact on gun control?
  3. How can corporate America be held accountable for sexual harassment?
  4. Is capital punishment outdated?
  5. Are universities still bastions of free speech?
  6. Should teachers be armed?
  7. Are employee unions dying out in the United States?
  8. Will the West Virginia teachers’ strike inspire more protests?
  9. What was the result of this year’s CPAC?
  10. Should welfare recipients be drug-tested?

International (IX):


  1. Is Vladimir Putin a dictator masquerading as a President?
  2. What can be done to combat Al-Shabaab in Somalia?
  3. Is Benjamin Netanyahu guilty of bribery?
  4. Will Brazil’s “War on Crime” be successful?
  5. Will Italy’s election be a referendum on illegal immigration?
  6. Should the Rohingya return to Myanmar?
  7. Which country is the most corrupt?
  8. How can Nigeria improve in its war on Boko Haram?
  9. Should China’s government remove Presidential term limits?
  10. How strong is the anti-vaccination movement in Europe?

–– Topics written by Franz Hill

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