James Sidaway

James Sidaway is a Professor of Political Geography at the National University of Singapore. Prior to his appointment at NUS, Professor Sidaway was a Professor of Political and Cultural Geography at the University of Amsterdam.

His research concerns the interaction of cities, development, geopolitics, people and states. Professor Sidaway’s draws heavily upon postcolonial thought and aims to untangle the relationship between politics and geography. His recent work centers on the geopolitical dimensions of China’s One Belt, One Road initiative.

Representative Publications

Sidaway, James D. “Geography, Globalization, and the Problematic of Area Studies.” Annals of the Association of American Geographers 103.4 (2013): 984-1002.

Sidaway, James D., and Chih Yuan Woon. “Chinese Narratives on “One Belt, One Road”(一带一路) in Geopolitical and Imperial Contexts.” The Professional Geographer 69.4 (2017): 591-603.

Lin, Shaun, James D. Sidaway, and Chih Yuan Woon. “Reordering China, Respacing the World: Belt and Road Initiative (一带一路) as an Emergent Geopolitical Culture.” The Professional Geographer (2019): 1-16.

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