Olivier Sykes

Olivier Sykes is a Lecturer in European Spatial Planning at the University of Liverpool. He earned his PhD in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Liverpool in 2004.

Professor Sykes’ research focuses on the Europeanization of planning systems as well as aspect of comparative planning and urban policy.

Representative Publications

Davoudi, Simin, et al. “Policy and Practice Spatial Imaginaries: Tyrannies or Transformations?.” Town Planning Review 89.2 (2018): 97-124.

Sykes, Olivier. “Post-geography worlds, new dominions, left behind regions, and ‘other’ places: unpacking some spatial imaginaries of the UK’s ‘Brexit’ debate.” Space and Polity 22.2 (2018): 137-161.

Sykes, Olivier, and Andreas Schulze Bäing. “Regional and territorial development policy after the 2016 EU referendum–initial reflections and some tentative scenarios.” Local Economy 32.3 (2017): 240-256.

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