Anthony Clevenger

Anthony Clevenger is a Senior Research Wildlife Biologist at the Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University. He earned his PhD in Zoology (Vertebrate Ecology) from the University of León, Spain.

His research focuses on developing science-based solutions to the problem of expanding road systems and wildlife conservation.

Representative Publications

Ford, Adam T., and Anthony P. Clevenger. “Factors affecting the permeability of road mitigation measures to the movement of small mammals.” Canadian Journal of Zoology 97.4 (2018): 379-384.

Plante, Judith, et al. “Road mortality locations of small and medium-sized mammals along a partly-fenced highway in Quebec, Canada, 2012–2015.” Data in Brief 21 (2018): 1209-1215.

Mohammadi, Alireza, et al. “Road expansion: A challenge to conservation of mammals, with particular emphasis on the endangered Asiatic cheetah in Iran.” Journal for Nature Conservation 43 (2018): 8-18.

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